Effectively removes
unplesant smell
Removes the spores
that cause mold
Kills most bacteria
and viruses

Domestic & commercial

Our Ozone solutions are used in homes, apartments and small businesses throughout the United Kingdom to control and remove odours…


Instead of just masking unwanted odours, Ozone has the ability to eradicate odours by breaking down the biological structure of the bacteria that causes them. Because it is created naturally within the environment, Ozone quickly and safely reverts back to oxygen leaving no harmful residuals.


Our generators can distribute Ozone into your living areas, bedrooms and toilet, and are capable of eliminating unwanted odours caused by cooking, pets, and cigarette smoke, Ozone provides clean, fresh air within your home at all times. Ozone has been used successfully for many years, but only recently have advances in technology enabled the distribution of this sanitising gas into your personal and working environment as well. For further information about our range of Ozone generating equipment please contact us direct our advisors will be pleased to assist.

Who uses Ozone Generators and Where?


They are used by everyone, just about everywhere...


 In the home
 Laundry areas
 Properties with water damage
 Odour removal and clean-up
 Working & sleeping areas
 Nursing homes & care homes

 Day care centres
 Changing rooms and washrooms
 Food service areas
 Community & communal rooms
 Smoking areas
 Pollen removal


 Estate agents

 Photo labs
 Printing businesses
 Painting/wallpapering companies
 Carpet cleaning
 Seafood display areas
 Food produce areas

 Offices of all varieties
 Locker rooms
 Hotels, B&B's and guest houses
 Environments where chemicals are used



How does Ozone work?


Ozone is in the air around us all the time. It occurs naturally in the environment and is simply activated oxygen – think of the fresh smell following a thunderstorm and that’s ozone.

Ozone works as a natural cleaner. When it comes into contact with an odour (a volatile organic compound) a chemical reaction takes place and the odour oxidises into a harmless, non-odourous substance.

It is not a masking process – the smells are permanently removed.


Ozone also works as a natural sanitising agent. It kills most bacteria, pathogens and viruses, including E-coli and MRSA, and leaves treated areas hygienically clean.


Benefits of ozone


Our ozone generates effectively remove:


 the smell of cooking, such as fried fish and curry, permanently.
 unpleasant odours from childrens trainers.
 smells from cats and dogs, it can be used to freshen up their bedding with Ozone.
 cigarette smells from curtains, upholstery and from a room filled with smoke.
 paint smells after decorating.
 the spores that cause mold.
 the smell of dead vermin such as decaying rodents.
 the smell of urine from toilets and other areas.